Why Bottle Caps?

In the smallest of spaces, a world can be discovered! I start with vintage bottle caps to create mini treasures. Using an antique piece of jewelry that no longer gets worn, an earring missing its mate, or a cherished trinket long forgotten, I craft the pieces into mini mosaics to become unique works of art. You will be drawn to the intricate worlds inside each cap.


I'm Esther. Nice to Meet You!

As an artist I have transformed myself many times and continue to do so everyday. To me, art is something that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to use a paint brush or a potter’s wheel. Art is a reflection of everything we do.


I received a BFA in painting from Syracuse University. I went on to study the art of glass blowing, incorporating my painting skills inside layers of glass.


For the past 13 years, I have been working as an Artist in Residence in many schools teaching students the art of broken tile mosaics installations and mural painting.


Recently, I have found it necessary to find a way to become more focused and create something that I truly can get lost in. That’s when I started to create intricate designs in vintage bottle caps. Combining my love of repurposing vintage objects and desire to create, this new medium quickly became the perfect match. When I sit down to make these small treasures, time suddenly has no relevance. Hours can go by and my attention never waivers. To me, making these pieces is more of a meditation than work.


This is equally experienced when I witness people discovering the pieces. The time they spend choosing just the right one takes customers by surprise. I enjoy seeing people marvel at the intricacies of each item. To me this is the best of both worlds; crafting something that I get gratification out of and watching others enjoy!