Go on a Treasure Hunt! Click on each photo to learn more.

Bottle Cap Necklaces (no Dangle)
1 1/4 inch round.
Bottlecaps with a Dangle
1 1/4 inch round with a dangle.
Champagne Caps
Because you have champagne taste (1 1/8 inch round).
Extra-Large Caps
3 ways to wear, 2 inch round pieces.
Minis! Very Tiny Caps
Tiny! Just 1/2 inch round.
Teenie tiny, little caps (1/2 in. round).
Rings - Very Tiny Caps
Made with the tiny little caps, 1/2 inch round.
Treasure Boxes
Made with the extra-large bottle caps, 2 in round.
Handbag Hangers
Made with the extra-large, 2 in round caps.
Unique badge clips, made with the standard-size caps.
Mirror Compacts
Made from extra-large caps.
Chokers with Tiny Caps
Featuring mini-caps and sweet choker ribbons.
Bracelets - Tiny Caps - Brand New!
Lovingly made with mini-caps.
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